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    ( )1、A.eat   B.garden   C.farm

    ( )2、A.potato   B.tomato   C.apple

    ( )3、A.horst   B.many   C.sheep

    ( )4、A.those  B.what   C.these

    ( )5、A.cow   B.goat   C.try

    ( )6、A.cold   B.boy   C.hot

    ( )7、A.pants   B.dress   C.girl

    ( )8、A.cheap   B.expensive   C.horse

    ( )9、A.yours   B.clothes   C.mine

    ( )10、A.sunny   B.windy   C.art room 


    ( )1、There ______ a horse in this photo.

    A、am B、is C、are

    ( )2、---________, Where is the park?

    ---It’s beside the cinema.

    A、Excuse me. B、Sorry C、Hello.

    ( )3、______ are they doing? They are watching TV.

    A、How B、What C、Where

    ( )4、Look, the children are ____________ in the river.

    A、swims B.swim C、swimming

    ( )5、---Thank you so much.


    A、Sorry. B、OK. C、You’re welcome.

    ( )6. Amy, can you ______fast?

    A. running B. runs C. run

    ( )7. We’re going _____ plane.

    A. by B. on C. in

    ( )8.She is going to______ her teacher.

    A .visits B. visiting C. visit

    ( )9、--- Can Sam jump high?

    ---- Yes, _________.

    A、I can B、he can C、she can

    ( )10. I’m the______.

    A. winer B. win C. winner


    My name is Tom. I’m a student. My school is not very big , but very beautiful. Look, this is my classroom. It’s very bright. There is a computer on the teacher’s desk. There are 46 students in my class. 22 girls and 24 boys . My school has two libraries. The big one is for the students. The small one is for the teachers. There’s a big playground in the school . I like to play football there . I like my school very much。

    1. Tom’s school is very big and beautiful. ( )

    2. Tom’s classroom is very bright. ( )

    3. There’s a computer in the classroom. ( )

    4.There are twenty-four girls in Tom’s class. ( )

    5. The big library is for the teachers. ( )

    6. Tom can play football. ( )

    7. Tom likes his school. ( )


    1. (  ) What’s_____ the classroom? A. on B. in C.under

    2. (  ) Where’s my seat? It’s____ the door. A. on B. in C. near

    3. (  ) Let’s clean the classroom.----_____.

    A. Good job B. Good idea C. It’s nice

    4. (  ) Let_____ put up the picture. A. my B. I C. me

    5.( )where ______it? A.is B.are C.am

    6.( ) It_____ near the computer. A.is B.are C.am

    7.( ) Let me______the fish bowl. A.help B.see C.clean

    8.( ) The kite is_____the window. A. for B.near C.to

    9.( ) A:What’s this ? B:It’s _____bee.A.a B.an C.some

    10.( ) The picture is _____the wall. A. in B. on C. to 


    Amy is my best friend. She’s a nice girl. She’s ten. She’s tall and quiet. She has long hair and a small mouth. She has big eyes and a small nose. She likes music, computer games and painting. She likes books, too. She has fifty story-books. She is a good student. I like her very much.

    ( )1. Amy is my sister.

    ( )2. Amy is not quiet.

    ( )3. Amy has 15 story-books.

    ( )4. Amy likes painting and books.

    ( )5. Amy has long hair and a small nose.



    1.友善的_________   2.害羞的_________    3.聰明的_________

    4.小的_________  5.酷的_________    6.可愛的_________

    7.淘氣的_________   8.有點兒_________    9.朋友們_________

    10.有點害羞__________________   11.淘氣的小鳥__________________


    (  )1.A.clever  B.naughty  C.little  D.sister

    (  )2.A.brother  B.teacher  C.mother  D.father

    (  )3.A.bird  B.panda  C.parrot  D.clever

    (  )4.A.big  B.this  C.that  D.the

    (  )5.A.he  B.she  C.my  D.it  


    1.() ---What are these? ---______dumplings.

    A.These areB.They areC.Those are

    2.() Help______to dumplings.


    3.() ---Is it Spring Festival? ---Yes,______.

    A.it isn’tB.it isC. is it

    4.()---What’s the matter? ---You______sick.


    5.()---Can she go with us? ---I hope______.


    6.()---______you busy tomorrow? ---Yes, I am.

    A.AreB.IsC. Am

    7.()---Do you want to come? ---______

    A.Yes, I am.B.Yes, I do.C.Yes, I can.

    8.()---What time is it?---______.

    A.It’s blue.B.It’s two yuan.C.It’s four thirty.

    9.()---Is this a roller coaster? ---______

    A.Yes, they are.B.Yes, it is.C.Yes, she is.

    10.()The bumper car is______. I am______when I drive it.

    A.exciting, excitedB.excited,exciting

    C.excited, excited




    It’s _________ _________ __________ _________,Xiao Ming.


    __________ nine _____________.


    _________ _________ ___________ ____________?


    ____________ _____________ _____________ , Jone.



    1. is, the, library, this(.)


    2. my, here, is, homework(.)


    3. is, teachers’ office, the, where (?)


    4. you, an, do, English book, have (?)


    5. is, computer room, the, floor, the, second, on (.)




    We have a nice and big school. our classroom is on the first floor. It’s next to the teachers’ office. There is a computer on the teacher’s desk. There are two doors, two blackboards, four windows, ten lights, many desks and chairs in our classroom. The computer room is on the second floor. The music room is next to the computer room. I like my school very much.

    ( )1. My school is small and nice.

    ( )2. Our classroom is on the second floor.

    ( )3. There are two ,windows in our classroom.

    ( )4. The music room is on the second floor.

    ( )5. I don’t like my school