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    What will happen in 100 years.

    The dinosaurs disappeared about 65 million years ago.


    This pen writes well.

    This new book sells well.

    3.感官動詞或使役動詞使用省略to的動詞不定式,主動語態中不帶to,但變為被動語態時,須加上to .例:make somebody do something→somebody+ be +made to do something

    see somebody do something→somebody +be +seen to do something

    A girl saw my wallet drop when she passed by.→My wallet was seen to drop by a girl when she passed by. The boss made the little boy do heavy work.→The little boy was made to do heavy work by the boss.


    He gave me a book.→A book was given to me by him.

    He showed me a ticket.→A ticket was shown to me by him.

    My father bought me a new bike. →A new bike was bought for me by my father.



    常見的名詞包括: assumption假定/belief看法/ conclusion結論/ doubt懷疑等。 例句:The suggestion that we should develop the natural resources in the region has been discussed. 關于我們應該開發本地區資源的建議已經討論過了。


    例句:An old woman walked out into the middle of the street. The policeman yelled to her, “Don’t you know what it means when I hold up my hand?” The lady said, “Sure I do. I have been a schoolteacher for 28 years now.” 一個老婦人走到了馬路中央,這時,一位交警朝著她嚷道:“我都把手舉起來了,你難道還不知道什么意思嗎?”老太太說:“我當然知道,我都做了28 年的老師了?!?/p>

    3. 時間狀從:not…until… 用法。例句:The students didn’t stop talking until the teacher came in.

    4. it做形式主語,句子做邏輯主語:如果主語太長,常用代詞 it 作形式主語,將真正的主語從句置于句尾,以保持句式的平衡。

    例句:It makes no difference what you read or study if you can’t remember it. 如果你記不住,那么你讀什么或者學什么都不重要了。

    5. 現在分詞短語作狀語:

    (1)現在分詞作時間狀語。例句:There are several things to consider when buying fresh foods. 當購買新鮮食品時,有幾個事情要考慮。

    (2)現在分詞作條件狀語。例句:Working hard, you will succeed. 如果努力工作,你將會成功。

    (3)現在分詞作伴隨狀語。例句:All night long he lay awake, thinking of the problem. 他整夜躺在床上睡不著,思考著那個問題。

    (4)現在分詞作方式狀語。例句:Please answer the question using another way. 請用另一種方法回答問題。

    (5)現在分詞作原因狀語。例句:Not knowing her address, I can’t write to her.由于不知道她的地址,我沒法給她寫信。


    例句:Possessing a car gives a much greater degree of mobility, enabling the driver to move around freely. 擁有汽車使機動程度更高,使司機能自由自在地往來各地。


    例句:Although working from morning till night his father didn’t get enough food.雖然他父親從早到晚拼命干,但是還是掙不夠吃的。


    1. cultural relics 文化遺產

    Many unearthed cultural relics were exhibited at the museum.

    博物館展出了許多出土文物。By definition the capital is the political and cultural center of a country. 根據定義,首都是一個國家的政治文化中心。

    2. rare and valuable 珍貴稀有

    3. in search of 尋找,尋求 = in search for

    He went to the south in search for a better future.他為了尋找更好的前途到南方去。

    4. in the fancy style 以別致的風格 in … style/ in the style of ……以……風格

    These clothes are too fancy for me, I prefer plainer ones. 這些衣服對我來說有些花哨,我還是喜歡素凈些的。

    5. …a treasure decorated with gold and jewels, which took the country’s best artists about ten years to make. 用金銀珠寶裝飾起來的珍品,一批國家最優秀的藝術家用了大約十年的時間才把它完成。

    decorate with 以...裝飾

    6. be designed for …為……而設計

    by design 故意地

    This room was originally designed to be my study. 這間屋子原預定做我的書房。

    His parents designed him for the army, but he preferred the navy. 他父母打算要他當陸軍,但是他卻喜歡當海軍。

    7. belong to 屬于

    We belong to the same generation. 我們屬于同代人。

    8. in return 作為回報/報答/交換 in turn 依次地,輪流的;轉而,反過來

    9. serve as 作為,用作,充當,起作用

    The room can serve as a study. 這間房子可作書房用。

    10. Later,Catherine II had the Amber Room moved to a palace outside St Petersburg where she spent her summers. 后來,葉卡捷琳娜二世派人把琥珀屋搬到圣彼得堡郊外她避暑的宮殿中。

    have sth done 請/讓別人做某事,使得,蒙受某種損失

    We had the machine repaired. 我們請人把機器修好了。

    11. In 1770 the room was completed the way she wanted.

    Police are combing the woods for the missing children.警察搜遍樹林以尋找失蹤的孩

    12. be at war 處于戰爭狀態,交戰

    13. remove some furture and small art objects 把一些家具和小件藝術品搬走

    He removed the mud from his shoes. 他去掉鞋上的泥。

    This old table is a valuable piece of furniture. 這張舊桌子是一件很珍貴的家具。

    14. in less than two days 在不到兩天的時間里

    15. There is no doubt that the boxes were then put on a train for…There is no doubt that she will keep her word.毫無疑問她會遵守諾言的

    There is no doubt that Taiwan belongs to China. 這是毫無疑問的,臺灣屬于中國。

    .without doubt 無疑地,確實地

    He is without doubt the cleverest student I've ever taught.


    16. rather than 勝于,而不是

    Tom rather than Jack is to blame. 該受責備的是湯姆,而不是杰克。

    I prefer to read rather than sit idle. 我寧愿讀書而不愿閑坐著。

    We aim at quality rather than quantity. 我們的目的是重質不重量。

    17. Nor do I think they should give it to any government. 我也不認為他們會把它交給任何政府。

    18. do with 處理,忍受,對付

    I can't do with his insolence. 我忍受不了他那傲慢無禮的態度

    What do they do with the coin? 他們是怎樣處理這枚硬幣的?。











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