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      勵志青春300字中英文作文篇(一):不放棄希望 Never Lose Hope

      However hard the situation is, we shouldn't lose our heart, because we have our dreams. Our dreams are always glorious. We also have enthusiasm that will make our dreams come true. But we must have the willingness to work hard, since if we work hard, some miracles will happen. Nothing good will happen without our hard work.


      What's more, when we are unhappy, we can think about our dreams, so that we will be more enthusiastic. When we are defeated, we should stand up and say," I'm not a failure." Please remember, " Anything is possible to a man who has a strong determination."


      勵志青春300字中英文作文篇(二):做你自己Being yourself

      In every school there is a “top” crowd that sets the pace, while the others follow their lead. Let's say the top crowed decides that it is smart to wear bright red sweaters. Pretty soon everybody is wearing a bright red sweater.


      There is something wrong with that, except the fact that on some people bright red sweater is extremely unbecoming. The situation can even become dangerous, if the top crowd decides that it is smart to drink or to drive cars at seventy miles an hour. Then the people who follow the lead were endangering their lives. They are like the sheep being led to the butcher.


      Now, changes are that you have come across situations like these more than once in your life; changes are that one time or another you probably did something you knew to be wrong. You may have excused yourself by saying, “Gee, the crowd does it.” Well, let the crowd do it, but don't do it yourself. Learn to say, “No!”


      Develop your own standards and your own judgement. If you know the crowd is planning something you disagree to, have the courage to bow out mannerly, you'll have the satisfaction of standing on your own two feet.



      I don’t know what that dream is that you have. I don’t care how disappointing it might be as you’re working toward that dream. But that dream that you’re holding in your mind – it’s possible. Some of you already know that it’s hard. It’s not easy. It’s hard changing your life. In the process of chasing your dreams, you are going to incur a lot of disappointment, a lot of failure, a lot of pain.


      There will be moments when you are going to doubt yourself. You’ll say, “Why? Why is this happening to me? I’m just trying to take care of my children, and my mother. I’m not trying to steal or rob from anybody. How did this have to happen to me?” For those of you who have experienced some hardships – don’t give up on your dream. The rough times are gonna come, but they will not stay, they will come to pass.


      Many of you fail to seek your purpose in life and you should. You dream and then follow it up with a list of all the reasons why the dream is unachievable. You fill your life with excuses and "I can't." Many great companies were conceived from a dream, nurtured in a garage or basement and grew to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Why not you? Why not your dream? The only true limits you experience in life are those you create or those you allow others to impose upon you. If you can dream it, you can do it!

      你們許多人在一生中或許會有找不到人生目標的時候,這很正常。你追求自己的夢,跟著出現一大堆告訴你這夢不可能實現的理由。你開始為自己的人生找各種借口,告訴自己“我不行。” 很多大公司都是由一個夢演變而來,從車庫或地下室里發展成為紐約交易所的上市公司。為什么不是你?為什么不是你的夢?你在人生路上所遇到的那些障礙都是你自己設置的,要么就是你讓他人施加在你身上的。夢想還是要有的,萬一實現了呢!

      Dreaming is the easy part. Acting on the dream is harder. Recognize that a dream is a journey. On the simplest level, it takes commitment, time, desire, and courage. But rarely is something great easily realized. Dreaming is recognizing and embracing the potential for greatness and seeking it in all areas of your life. Believe in your dreams and your ability to accomplish them. Keep your dreams in front of you. I'm here to challange you to reach for your dream. Do not be afraid to dream. Never forget, if you can dream it, you can do it!



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